Pop Concert String Orchestra sheet music

  1. Believer (As Recorded by Imagine Dragons)

    Arranged by Victor LopezString Orchestra
  2. Hamilton, Selections from

    String Orchestra
  3. Winter Palace (As Performed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Arranged by Bob PhillipsString Orchestra
  4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    By James Newton Howard, arranged by Bob PhillipsString Orchestra
  5. Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night)

    Arranged by Bob PhillipsString Orchestra
  6. Wizard of Oz, The (A Whirlwind Journey)

    Arranged by Steven H. BrookString Orchestra
  7. One Foot (from "Pop & Country Instrumental Solos") (As Performed by Walk the Moon)

    Arranged by Andrew DabczynskiSolos
  8. Rolling Stones on Tour, The

    By The Rolling Stones, arranged by Patrick RoszellString Orchestra
  9. Pippin

    By Stephen Schwartz, arranged by Andrew DabczynskiString Orchestra
  10. American Triple Crown: Including: My Old Kentucky Home / Maryland, My Maryland / New York, New York

    Arranged by Dorothy A. StraubString Orchestra
  11. Bring Me to Life: Originally Performed by Evanescence

    Arranged by Thomas TallyString Orchestra
  12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Arranged by Calvin CusterString Orchestra
  13. Love Affair, Theme from

    By Ennio Morricone, arranged by Roy PhillippeString Orchestra
  14. Midnight Christmas Eve: As Performed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Arranged by Bob PhillipsString Orchestra
  15. My Funny Valentine

    Arranged by Jeffrey E. TurnerString Orchestra
  16. Paranoid Android (from OK Computer) (As Recorded by Radiohead)

    Arranged by Eric GorfainString Orchestra
  17. Starlight: Originally Performed by Muse

    Arranged by Derek SteinString Orchestra
  18. The Shadow of Your Smile (from The Sandpiper)

    By Johnny Mandel, arranged by Calvin CusterString Orchestra
  19. 7 Rings: As Performed by Ariana Grande

    Arranged by Mike KamufString Orchestra
  20. Ain't It Fun (As Recorded by Paramore)

    Arranged by Bob CerulliString Orchestra
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