Performanceplus sheet music

  1. Follow the Drinking Gourd 3-Part Mixed — PerformancePlus+

    Arranged by Greg GilpinChoir
  2. Hiawatha's Wedding Feast — PerformancePlus+

    By Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, arranged by Deborah Baker MondayString Orchestra
  3. Matter of Time, A — PerformancePlus+

    By Doug SpataString Orchestra
  4. Stagecoach — PerformancePlus+

    By Patrick RoszellConcert Band
  5. White Fields in Winter 3-Part Mixed – PerformancePlus+

    By James Stephens, arranged by Ruth Morris GrayChoir
  6. To Light - PerformancePlus+

    By Jared BarnesConcert Band
  7. Paso Del Aguila - PerformancePlus+

    By Jorge L. VargasConcert Band
  8. Siyahamba 3-Part Mixed — PerformancePlus+

    Arranged by Victor C. JohnsonChoir
  9. Infinite Quest - PerformancePlus+

    By Todd StalterConcert Band
  10. Cantate! Jubilate! 2-Part – PerformancePlus+

  11. Fiddling for the First Time — PerformancePlus+

    Arranged by Bob PhillipsString Orchestra
  12. Deck the Hall with Carols! 2-Part — PerformancePlus+

  13. Dynamic Duo — PerformancePlus+

    By Jim PalmerString Orchestra
  14. Madrigal Remix 3-Part — PerformancePlus+

    Arranged by Kirby ShawChoir
  15. White Fields in Winter SSA - PerformancePlus+

    By James Stephens, arranged by Ruth Morris GrayChoir
  16. When Words Are Not Enough 2-Part — PerformancePlus+

  17. Union Hymn Variants — PerformancePlus+

    By Robert SheldonConcert Band
  18. Pizzicato Parade — PerformancePlus+

    By Chris M. BernotasString Orchestra
  19. Bow Olympics — PerformancePlus+

    By Katie O'Hara LaBrieString Orchestra
  20. Count Your Blessings SATB — PerformancePlus+

    By Andy BeckChoir
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